Website Services

Website Audits

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What is a website audit?

Our website audits look at how your site is working, and where you might be able to make improvements. 
We test:

  • Loading Speed
  • Ease of use, as a visitor
  • Obvious spelling issues
  • Links take you to the right place
  • Contact forms and emails
  • Accessibility
  • Best Practices
  • Basic SEO

Ping Testing

For only $8 per month, we will regularly check that your site is online.
We have found that sites, even though they have an uptime guarantee, can go down without you knowing about it.
 If we find there is an issue we will let you know and send you instructions and data to send to your website host.
Even if everything is alright, we will still keep you informed so that you can have peace of mind.

Why would I need this?

A friend, who runs a small Auckland business, reached out to us, claiming he wasn't receiving as many emails as usual. We ran some initial checks and found nothing wrong. To investigate further, we set up Ping testing on his website. After only a week, it became apparent that his website was going down every day, sometimes for hours. Upon reviewing his internet provider's contract, we discovered that they had guaranteed a 95% uptime. We sent our friend a report with dates and times of each instance his site was down and requested that he contact his service provider. The provider was unaware of the issue but resolved it immediately. Our friend's email traffic returned to normal, and since then, he's had few problems with the provider.