Frequently Asked Questions

SEO or Search Engine Optimisation is the process of improving the visibility of your website and ranking in search engine results pages (e.g. Google or Bing). Search engines look for reliability, knowledge and trustworthiness and the tools we use can determine these.
Our main goal is to increase your website visitors without paying for advertising (organic traffic), which can potentially result in more leads and sales, and revenue.

It usually takes three to six months before businesses see results from their SEO adjustments, in some cases it can take up to a year, depending on the industry. SEO is an ongoing process that requires consistency. Search engines crawl your website and index pages to determine what your site is about and what search query it answers, this is an ongoing process that is out of anyone's control.

Using strategic methods, Dark Arts employs a fundamental approach to boost website traffic:
Keyword analysis: We identify the terms that potential visitors are likely to use in search engines when seeking businesses similar to yours in the same locality. Subsequently, we determine how to integrate these popular keywords into your website.
Ranking assessment: We evaluate your current position relative to your competitors.
On-page SEO: We conduct a comprehensive website audit to identify necessary enhancements for your site.
Link building: We secure links from other websites to direct traffic to your site.
Content Creation: We provide content for your website and or social media sites on a regular basis.
Reporting: We provide monthly reports detailing our completed tasks and highlighting any changes or enhancements made to your website.

In addition, if needed we can set up your Google My Business, social media pages and manage those for you. 

A website audit is a review of your site looking for ways to improve it. We look at the speed, reliability, functionality, and accessibility. We also look at our keyword research and ways to incorporate more keywords into your site. We check that your site is readable and shows knowledge and understanding of the subject your business is in and we offer insights and guidance on changes that may be needed.

We can build new systems from scratch (bespoke greenfield projects).
We also update and maintain existing and legacy systems.

.Net (C# & VB.Net), Java, SQL Server, Postgres SQL , VBA for Office, Amazon Web Services & Microsoft Azure

We do, we can make changes or improvements as required and there are times when the software used needs upgrading, we will contact you when this is required with a time and cost estimate.

Yes, these are available on request.

Contact us with a brief description of your requirements and we will get back to you.